China photography workshop

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China photoworkshop – Fairytale landscape, cormorant fishermen on his raft that reflects in the river at sunrise & unique portraits photography dressed in traditional costumes. During the trip you will also experience the oldest existing culture that is over 5000 years old. Welcome to an adventure!

Pointy mountains rising from the fog at dawn, sun rays that shine through the clouds and illuminate the landscape, rivers reflecting cormorant fishermen & meetings with local culture are some things you can experience during the trip..

We go to some of China’s most scenic provinces & concentrate on landscapes, lifestyle & culture.
The scenery is both large and small but the majority are towards the large scenes with a mix of rivers, mountain peaks & rice fields. We also explore Zhangjiajie National parc & the well-known “Avatar” mountains that inspired the beautiful rock formations of the movie Avatar.

Portrait photography is often in picturesque mountain villages or other locations at home of our models. When we photograph the Cormorant fishermen we have three private sessions, in the evening, in the morning & one focusing only on portrait photography.

There will also be opportunities for street photography when we visit mountain villages and markets during the trip. We visit dramatic rock formations where there are often low clouds and fogs that emphasize the contrast & grandeur in a beautiful aesthetic way.

Prepare for spectacular saga scenery, amazing opportunities for unique private photography of both cormorant fishermen & portrait photography at home with locals. The trip is customized & the locations are carefully selected along the light, time & weather.

During the trip, it will be time for both screening and conversation about how we manage to capture China in the best possible way. In the evenings we enjoy good food and discuss the day’s experiences and photography opportunities.

Deadline for registration is 60 days before departure. The photoworkshop can quickly be full, so don´t wait too long to sign up.

NOTE! When booking the workshop you can pay the registration fee and then pay the rest at least 2 months before departure. This you can decide at a later stage in the application procedure.

Swedish languageLanguage

Fotokurs tidFotoresorFortsättningAvancerad

Fotokurs längd11 days
Date & application

Fotokurs kartaChina, Guilin

Fotokurs erfarenhetBasic


Fotokurs deltagare 4 – 7

Fotokurs pris3 900 USD

Swedish travelbond:


  • We take you to the best locations at the right time
  • Small group with alikes
  • Workshops to boost your skills (techniques & postproduction)
  • 3 sessions with Cormorant fishermen (sunrise, sunset & portrait)
  • Zhangjiajie nationalparc (Avatar mountains)
  • Magical saga landscape
  • Rice terraces
  • Picturesque villages
  • Portraits in unique locations at local people
  • Chinese culture which is the oldest existing culture
  • Good food
  • and much more…


  • Basic stamina (short walk with photoequipment up to 3 km in lightly uphill)
  • We recommend that you have good skills with exposure and basic camera skills

We stay in hotels of at least intermediate standards. All transports are done by minivan or bus with good comfort for you and your personal belongins.


  • All local transports (no flights)
  • Professional photographer/ guide
  • Acticities according program
  • Entrances according to program
  • Full board
  • 10 nights, share in doubleroom

Not included:

  • Flights t/r Guilin
  • Single room (option: 450 USD)
  • Beverages
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel & camera insurance
  • Photographic equipment

Day 1
Arrival at Guilin Airport and Masterphoto picks you up at 15:00. Transfer to the hotel where we will stay for 5 nights. From here there are day trips to different locations. When arriving at the hotel there is a rest (own time) to recover from jet-lag. In the evening we have the welcome meeting / workshop will prepare you for the photography of tomorrow & rest of the week. Then we have dinner together.

Day 2
Sunrise landscape photography then breakfast at the hotel. Some rest and then lunch. In the afternoon there will be portrait photography in a nearby old town. At home with a local family with traditional clothes. Evening photography landscape. Joint dinner near the hotel.

Day 3
We start early to take us to the sunrise photography of Cormorant fishermen. During the sunrise shooting cormorant fishermen dressed in traditional clothing, lifestyle with gas lamps, cormorants with spread wings and when the fisherman throws his net are just some of the possibilities this morning. After photography, we go back to the hotel to have breakfast. Some rest then we start portraiture of Cormorant fishermen in their local environment. In the evening we photograph Cormorant fishermen in the sunset.

Day 4
Sunrise landscape photography then breakfast at the hotel. Some rest then lunch. Own time to explore the local village. Good opportunities for street photos. In the afternoon, portrait photography at home with a local family with traditional clothes. Evening photography landscape. Joint dinner near the hotel. Workshop and image review.

Day 5
Sunrise photography and then breakfast. Transfer to a mountain village at riceterrasses where we spend the night. In the afternoon, we photograph portraits at home with a family. In the evening, we photograph scenery at sunset. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 6
Breakfast and then transfer to another mountain town to photograph an old couple in their home. Great opportunities for portraits and the winner of the year The world photo awards shot their winning contribution here. Lunch and then transfer to a classic Chinese mountain town for street photo, city photo & evening photo In city environment. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 7
Sunrise photography In the mountain village. Breakfast and then transfer to Zhangjiajie National Park and avatar mountains. Lunch on the way. Photography all day and then to the hotel in Zhangjiajie where we spend 3 days. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 8
Breakfast and then transfer to Zhangjiajie National Park and avatar mountains. Photography all day and then to the hotel in Zhangjiajie. Workshop and image review. Dinner near the hotel

Day 9
Breakfast and then transfer to Zhangjiajie National Park and avatar mountains. Photography all day and then to the hotel in Zhangjiajie. Dinner near the hotel.

Day 10
Morning Photography In Zhangjiajie city. Breakfast at the hotel. In the afternoon/ evening departure.






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Photography workshop China

16-26 October – 3 900 USD

60 days before departure




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China photography workshopPatrik Lindqvist

Photography workshops and travel for photographers


Photograph, be inspired and prosper your knowledge in techniques, compostion & planning. With our photoworkshops you will be served great locations, timing and flexible schedules to get the best out of varied weather conditions on the trip. If you are amateur or professional this is the perfect way to be inspired and to immerse yourself in photography. I promise you come home with great images and newly developed skills achieved on the way.

Masterphoto offers phototravels to Iceland, Japan and China.

Iceland – join us on a magnificent adventure to Iceland for six or nine days. Photograph magic volcano & coastal landscape. Relax in natural hot springs gazing at the stars far out in total wilderness.

Japan – is a journey that warmly surrounds your heart with unique landscapes and animal photography. Japanese macaques, whooper swans, stellar eagle on driftice, dancing cranes are just some things we will encounter on our trip. The culture is very welcoming and with a warm volcano hot spring (onsen), one feels recovered for new adventures in notime.

China – the oldest excisting culture is to be experienced. We visit local people for portraits in their homes dressed in traditional clothing. Rice terraces, sunbeams, carst landscape and the world famous cormorant fishermen lit by gas lamps. This workshops is a mix of great portrait and saga landscape

Welcome to prosper creatively and to find your next photo adventure with us on Masterphoto.

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